An easier, cheaper way to terminate your unintended pregnancy was founded on a simple premise: that obtaining an abortion should be inexpensive and hassle-free. We know you have better things to do than spend countless hours comparison shopping providers and researching different options. So we've done the legwork for you, negotiating with providers to provide you with the cheapest, most pleasurable abortion experience possible!

Benefit from what you have produced

It is a little known fact that the byproducts of an abortion ("products of conception", or POC for short) are often not just thrown away; they are valuable commodities, that most women give away "for free"! We didn't think that was fair, so we came up with a streamlined system to get the best possible price for your POC. We then deduct that price from the cost of your procedure, giving you savings that until now have been unheard of.

Coming Soon

We are preparing hard to give you the best experience possible. We plan to be ready to accept new clients around November 2015. Please come back often to check for the latest updates!

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